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Research on the Characteristic Construction of College English Teaching System Based on Demand Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.363


Chunli Liu

Corresponding Author

Chunli Liu


Nowadays, there are still disputes about the objectives, contents and methods of College English teaching in China. Based on the Demand Analysis Theory, this paper agrees that the fundamental factor determining the existence and development direction of a certain curriculum is “demand”, namely the integration of national interests, social needs, personal wishes and career development needs with college conditions and objectives. After analyzing the connotations of these three demands, this paper holds that it is urgent for curriculum decision makers and English teachers to work hard on how to break the bondage of inherent concepts and to promote college English teaching system reforms with bottom-up individuality, diversification and pertinence based on the core of “demand”. This system with characteristics will be in line with the language educational planning and college conditions and positions.


Demand analysis, College English, characteristic teaching system