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Study on the Legal Obligations and Responsibilities of Online Trading Platform Providers from the Perspective of Economic Law

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.361


Zhu Jingzhi

Corresponding Author

Zhu Jingzhi


From the perspective of economic law, this paper conducts an intensive study on the legal obligations and responsibilities of online trading platform providers. Firstly, this study analyzes the legal issues that platform providers have in the context of economic law, namely the anti-unfair competition issues, product quality responsibility issues, consumer rights protection issues and government regulatory issues involved in online trading platform providers. Focusing on this, the study then analyzes the problem of obligations and responsibilities between them. The purpose is to provide reference for improving the legal norms of online trading platform providers and provide solutions for disputes arising in online transactions.


Economic Law, Online Trading Platform Providers, Legal Obligations, Legal Responsibilities