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Research on Legal Risks and its Countermeasures of the Third-party Internet Platform from the International Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.359


Zhu Jingzhi

Corresponding Author

Zhu Jingzhi


In recent years, with the rapid growth of e-commerce, third-party payment has become a necessary paying way in our daily life. However, most people lack the necessary understanding of this payment, and the relevant legal system is imperfect. This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the existing legal issues in order to enable users to know what methods to use to protect their legitimate rights and interests. In addition, after in-depth study of the actual situation of the current third-party payment legal regulation, we can conclude that it is much-needed to improve the relevant legal system because it exists many problems.


International Perspective, Third-party Internet Platform, Legal Risk, Countermeasure Research