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Personality Design and Display Techniques of Animated Characters in Digital Media Art

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.357


Zhang Jindi

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jindi


The digital age has promoted the transformation of media communication mode. After inheriting the characteristics of behavioral art, installation art, conceptual art, music and film art, digital media has gradually formed its own unique artistic characteristics. Its own form has completely expanded and subverted the expression form of traditional art, and has gone beyond traditional art and undergone qualitative change. In a sense, the digital media art represented by computers in the information society has a far-reaching impact on today's animation design. This paper expounds the concept of digital media, and on this basis, discusses the art of digital media. After that, the current situation of China's animation design is analyzed. Finally, the impact of digital media on animation design is analyzed, hoping to have a positive inspiration for domestic animation design.


Digital media, animation design, character personality design, media art