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Fundamental Research on Two-way Cultural Integration for Overseas Students Education in China under the "One Belt and One Road" Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.349


Hong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Hong Zhou


The "One Belt And One Road" is an all-round open strategy in the new era of China and a great undertaking to realize the community of human destiny. The education of overseas students in China is a booster for economic cooperation and humanities exchange in the construction of the "One Belt And One Road". It can not only cultivate a large number of compound talents and professionals in key fields, but also promote humanities exchanges and public opinion in the countries along the route. Based on the concept of cultural integration to promote the construction of the "One Belt And One Road", this paper analyzes the relationship between cultural factors and language teaching, and studies the issues of cross-cultural education in cultural integration and the wisdom of intercultural education that requires cultural integration. The research results in this paper enrich and supplement the existing educational theories and methods, and provide a scientific basis for in-depth research.


"One Belt And One Road" construction, overseas students, two-way cultural, cultural integration, fundamental research, intercultural education