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Research on Strategies of Tourism English Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.348


Chuang Ding

Corresponding Author

Chuang Ding


Chinese culture has a long history. Tourism English is an important medium for promoting traditional culture and attracting foreign tourists. It is also a powerful driving force for promoting cross-cultural communication and tourism development. While the tourism industry is prosperous, various problems in the translation of tourism English have become increasingly prominent. Based on the theory of tourism English translation, this paper proposes the tourism English translation strategies to solve the problems of tourism English translation, and provides the new tourism culture experience for foreign tourists. Specific strategies include: appropriate use of foreignization translation, proper use of word addition and annotation, transliteration and free translation, effective use of analogy and text integration, improve translator's language accomplishment and cultural quality, and construct the parallel corpus of tourism English translation.


Tourism English, Chinese-English translation, characteristics, strategies