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Innovation Path on English Teaching Reform in Higher Vocational Education in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.347


Han Song

Corresponding Author

Han Song


According to the relevant theories of new media applied to English teaching, this paper analyzes the advantages of new media in assisting higher vocational English teaching, points out the negative effects of over-reliance on new media in higher vocational English teaching, and proposes new media for the current situation of higher vocational English teaching. The innovative path of English teaching reform in higher vocational colleges: guiding students to actively use new media technology, comprehensively innovating higher vocational English classroom teaching mode, comprehensively innovating higher vocational English teaching evaluation methods, realizing effective combination of interactive media and self-media, relying on new media establish an effective English knowledge resource system, carrying out personalized teaching supported by new media, paying attention to the effective integration of new media and traditional teaching methods, and using new media to extend professional English teaching content.


New media era, higher vocational education, English teaching reform, innovation path