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Teaching Methods on Two-way Cultural Integration for Overseas Students Education in China under the "One Belt and One Road" Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.346


Hong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Hong Zhou


International students coming to China are both witnesses and promoters of the "One Belt And One Road" construction, as well as direct participants and builders. It is important to promote the two-way cultural integration of international student education in China, but it is more important to have an effective teaching method. This paper studies two-way cultural integration teaching methods, including random fusion method, experiential teaching method, comparative teaching method, dialogue teaching method and special topic. Lecture law, cultural practice law and situational teaching method. The research results of this paper aim to cultivate the two-way cultural literacy and cross-cultural communication ability of foreign students in China, and it realize the two-way cultural harmony between "target language" and "local language" to help foreign students in China face the difficulties in cross-cultural adaptation. Continuously improve intercultural communication skills and promote the construction of the "One Belt And One Road".


One Belt And One Road, overseas students, cultural integration, teaching methods