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Exploration on Tourism English Course Teaching Reform Based on ESP Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.345


Chuang Ding

Corresponding Author

Chuang Ding


Tourism English, as the specialized English, is different from the basic language ability of general college students in English. It emphasizes that English teaching is associated with specific occupations and communicative purposes, and is integrated into a new type of English teaching. Based on the basic theory of ESP, this paper analyzes the characteristics of ESP and tourism English, analyzes the problems existing in the teaching of tourism English course, and proposes the reform strategy of tourism English course based on ESP theory: guided by scientific and reasonable teaching objectives, flexible ESP teaching methods, deep integration of tourism English teaching and information technology, improvement of students' English learning ability through school-enterprise cooperation, and procedural evaluation under the ESP teaching concept.


ESP theory, tourism English, teaching reform, exploration