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Badminton Sports Injury and Its Preventive Measures

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.343


Chunfeng Mao

Corresponding Author

Chunfeng Mao


People's living standard improve constantly, and sports have become an important part of the public's spiritual and cultural life. Badminton is a popular sports program that combines enjoyment, participation and exercise. In order to solve the practical problem of buckling injury in the process of badminton, this paper analyzes the body parts of badminton sports injury in detail; the technical movements against badminton sports injury are not standardized, the preparation activities are insufficient, the amount of exercise is too large, lack of thoughts, field and equipment factors; put forward specific preventive measures: comprehensively improve physical fitness, popularize sports injury prevention knowledge, carefully do warm-up activities, rationally arrange sports load, master correct technical actions, and construct damage prevention and control system.


Badminton, sports injury, cause analysis, preventive measures