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Research and Exploration of Input-output Theory in Public English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.342


Jingjing Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingjing Wang


The input and output of language is a problem that foreign language learning must attach great importance to. How to reform public English teaching in higher vocational colleges, improve students' English output ability, and adapt to the needs of society for applied talents has become a prominent problem to be solved urgently. Guided by the theory of input and output, this paper puts forward the problem of the lack of vitality in the "instillation" teaching of public English, the "excess" of language input, the utilitarian color of learning motivation, the input and output imbalance of teaching process, etc. The application strategy of input-output theory for public English teaching in higher vocational colleges: creating good English teaching situation, using multimedia to increase input and output, creating input environment for natural acquisition, carefully carrying out output activities, properly using teacher discourse, and using communicative teaching methods.


Second language acquisition, input-output theory, higher vocational, public English teaching, research and exploration