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Research on Infiltrating Chinese Traditional Culture in Chinese Painting Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.341


Yan Ni

Corresponding Author

Yan Ni


The combination of Chinese painting creation and traditional culture has played a role in spiritual inheritance and cultural inheritance. The infiltration of Chinese painting into Chinese traditional culture is the need to improve the quality of Chinese painting teaching, the need to inherit Chinese culture and Chinese painting, and the need for Chinese painting art flourish. In view of the current situation of the lack of Chinese traditional culture in the teaching process of Chinese painting, with reference to the research results of the predecessors and the author's many years of practical teaching experience, the measures of Chinese painting teaching infiltrating Chinese traditional culture are put forward: highlighting the traditional charm of Chinese painting, playing the role of traditional Chinese painting classics, and feeling the Chinese painting. The essence of culture, the use of traditional pen and ink culture elements, improve the practicality of practical teaching of Chinese painting, focus on the combination of tradition and innovation, and modernize the infiltration with digital media art.


Chinese painting teaching, infiltrating, Chinese traditional culture, necessity, measures