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Countermeasures Research on Cultivating Students' Innovative Ability in Fine Arts Teaching in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.340


Qiang Lu

Corresponding Author

Qiang Lu


The life of art lies in innovation. One of the meanings of art is that it has innovative ways and methods. Fine arts teaching has unique conditions for cultivating students' innovative ability. Guided by the theory of innovative education, based on the core concept of innovative education, this paper focuses on the problems existing in the fine arts teaching of colleges and universities, follows the law of the cultivation of innovative ability, and proposes the countermeasures of college fine arts teaching to cultivate students' innovative ability, and serves the practice of college fine arts teaching reform. Specific countermeasures include: constructing a life-oriented teaching model, stimulating students' initiative, cultivating students' innovative thinking ability through practice, enriching students' horizons, establishing a scientific curriculum evaluation index system, and focusing on cultivating students' awareness of association.


Fine arts teaching in universities, innovative ability, innovative education, constitutions, problems, countermeasures