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Research on Optimization Paths of General Education in TCM Colleges and Universities in the Construction of “Double First-rate”

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.339


Ding Chen

Corresponding Author

Ding Chen


General education, as an indispensable component of higher education system, is the inherent requirement and critical support for the construction of “Double First-rate”. At present, for general education in colleges and universities of traditional Chinese medicine, there are such realistic problems as the obsolete educational concept, the rigid integration with professional education, imperfect curriculum system, the insufficient teaching resources and immature teaching evaluation system. The optimization of general education in TCM colleges and universities based on the goal of “Double First-rate” relies on starting from national and social demand, with the goal of training talents with comprehensive development, promoting the integration of general education and professional education in balanced development, updating education concept, strengthening teaching staff and improving the mode of general education, thus enhancing the quality of TCM higher education and cultivating qualified talents of traditional Chinese medicine.


The construction of “Double First-rate”, general education, professional education, TCM colleges and universities, optimization path