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Study on the Path of the Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture Education for Ethnic Minority College Students in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.328


Yu Min

Corresponding Author

Yu Min


China has a long history with many nationalities, And there are big differences in languages and life styles among the nationalities. With rich cultural accumulation and diverse cultural forms, China plays an important role in world cultural gardens. Traditional Chinese culture embodies the deepest national spirit and the most unique Chinese charm, and has formed a mode of thinking with Chinese characteristics. Under the current background, it is necessary to promote ethnic unity, guide minority college students to learn the excellent culture of the Chinese nation, understand the history and culture of our country, improve their cultural self-confidence and cultural pride, and realize the dream of building a cultural power. This paper starts from the current situation of cultural education of minority college students in China, explains the existing problems, looks for the key points of future cultural education, further explores the cultivation of minority college students' cultural pride, and strengthens the cognition of the necessity of traditional cultural education for these college students. It is a great effort to make contributions in order to promote traditional Chinese culture and enhance the level of traditional culture education.


New Era, Ethnic Minority College Students, Traditional culture, Excellent traditional Chinese culture