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A Survey Report of the Cognition of Guangxi’s Image of the International Students in the Background of One Belt and One Road

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.327


Wang Haoren, Wen Lu, Chen Junrong, Huang Minggui, Zhou Ailing, and Ye Jiawen

Corresponding Author

Wen Lu


In order to understand the cognition of Guangxi’s image from the students who come from the countries along the One Belt And One Road studying in Guangxi, the authors did a questionnaire survey to 200 students in Guangxi. The statistical results of the questionnaire show that foreign students do not know much about the policy of One Belt And One Road and to the image of Guangxi, they are more familiar with food and scenery. According the results, we propose some solutions not only by our effort but also by the effort of students from the countries along One Belt And One Road, making them to tell the stories of Guangxi to their countries.


Cognition, Guangxi’s image, international students, One Belt And One Road