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A Study on the Countermeasures to Enhance the Grass-roots Social Governance Capacity of Southern Xinjiang

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.38


Yongfu Bi, Zhang Aiping

Corresponding Author

Zhang Aiping


The ethnic issues, livelihood issues, religious issues and social stability issues in the Southern Xinjiang region are intertwined, and the grass-roots governance has some complexity and particularity. Southern Xinjiang issue is the crux of the problem in Xinjiang, and is the key to the treatment and stability of Xinjiang strategy. Promoting the governance capability of the grass-roots society in Southern Xinjiang will help to achieve social stability and long-term stability in Xinjiang. Based on the author's research results, this paper firstly analyzed the significance of enhancing the Southern grassroots social governance capacity, and then put forward some specific countermeasures to improve to in grassroots social governance capacity.


Southern Xinjiang, Grass-roots society, Governance capability, Promotion strategy.