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Analysis on the practical teaching of secretarial major based on college-enterprise cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.324


Liao Yanhua

Corresponding Author

Liao Yanhua


Secretarial major is an applied subject. Secretaries are required to have relevant industry knowledge and high comprehensive quality, which puts forward higher requirements for secretarial skills and practical teaching of secretarial major. However, the traditional practical teaching system of secretarial major pays more attention to students' service skills and pays less attention to their ability to expand. The problems caused by the formalism of college-enterprise cooperation are common, which affect the effect of practical teaching. Therefore, the main content of the paper is how to establish a scientific practical teaching system by optimizing the use of resources inside and outside the college deepening the cooperation between the college and the enterprise, exploring the practical teaching path suitable for secretary major, and cultivating outstanding applied secretarial talents suitable for different industries and enterprises.


Secretarial Major, College-enterprise Cooperation, Practical Teaching