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Analysis on the Innovative Path of Employment Guidance in Colleges and Universities in New Media Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.322


Dongfang Zhao, Chen Dong, Xueqing Wang

Corresponding Author

Dongfang Zhao


With the steady and sustained growth of economy and the development of modern information media technology, new media plays an important role in the life of modern college students. However, some colleges and universities still have not grasped the new ideas and new methods that new media brings to employment guidance. There is still a lag in delays in the construction of new media platforms, an urgent situation in the construction of employment faculty, an imbalance in the time schedule of employment guidance and the contrary between employment information and students’ leisure time. Therefore, the new path of employment guidance in the new media perspective is: Big data push to optimize employment service platforms, expansion of the employment guidance team for college students, rational arrangement of refined employment guidance, and effective use of fragmentation time.


New Media, Employment Guidance, Colleges and Universities, Path