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Research on the Protection of Historical and Cultural Blocks

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.37


Ruxu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ruxu Zhang


With the acceleration of urbanization process, many countries and regions in the growing urban construction efforts, mainly in order to be able to continue to move into, increase the population, to provide adequate and pleasant living environment. Historical and cultural blocks reflect the history of the city, culture, can show the city's historical style, so in the process of rapid urbanization is facing protection problems. However, in the past China's urban history and cultural street reconstruction activities, the reason for the development and constructive damage, because of the lack of historical and cultural blocks of the correct understanding of the value, and in pursuit of economic interests ignored the city's historical context Of the continuation, coupled with some places in the protection of the concept of planning there is a deviation, so there has been the loss of local characteristics, behind closed doors, from the actual, poor implementation and other issues. In addition, in 2014 China has just promulgated a new urbanization planning, more emphasis on cultural heritage, highlighting the city's characteristics and personality. In this case, experts in various fields of society began to advocate the rational protection of historical and cultural neighborhoods in order to preserve more and more precious historical culture.


Historical and Cultural Blocks, Protection Method, Historical Value.