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Research on the Model with the Combination of Medical Treatment and Endowment in Rural Area under the Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.313


Li Wen

Corresponding Author

Li Wen


With the accelerating urbanization and population aging, China’s traditional endowment model has been in overloaded operation. It is essential to promote the model of combining medical treatment and endowment in rural area under the framework of rural revitalization, and speed up the establishment of rural endowment service system which adapts to realistic conditions in rural area, in coincidence with the goal of building moderately prosperous society at higher level in an all-round way, and meets social demand of rural area, so as to constantly improve the healthy endowment for aging people in rural area.


Rural revitalization, the combination of medical treatment and endowment, endowment