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Market Basket Analysis based on Apriori and CART

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.311


Liyuan Wang, Jianqin Sun

Corresponding Author

Liyuan Wang


With the rapid development of economy and information technology, the development of the market retail industry cannot be underestimated. How can it improve the efficiency of the retail industry? The paper which uses Apriori algorithm to find out the data of shopping basket from the massive data of consumers reveals the relationship between the purchased goods, and subsequently applies the association rules and CART decision tree algorithm to reveal the characteristics of the customer group and the target customers classification. In order to dig out more detailed and valuable information, it is convenient for the goods to be better configured and sold, and to improve the operational efficiency of the market.


Market Basket Analysis, Association Rules, Decision Tree, SPSS Modeler