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Research on Contemporary Chinese College Students' Party Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.310


Li Wang, Xinyu Fan

Corresponding Author

Li Wang


In the contemporary society where people's thinking is liberalized and the division of labor is gradually refined, the importance of communication is even more prominent. As a solid bridge for communication, gatherings have become an optimum way for college students to communicate their feelings and enrich their extra-curriculum life. The aim of our study is to obtain the information of college students’ party participation situation and preference using Ad libitum sampling method. Empirical studies were conducted with first-hand data. Chi-square test was used for statistical analysis to detect different party behavior influenced by students’ gender and personality. According to the fundamental principle of binary logistic regression model, we did multivariate analysis in assessing the correlation between students’ background information and their dress up behavior. The log-linear model is used to study the difference between personality differences and the willing to attend large party, so as to better understand the behaviors and psychological changes of college students. Based on the above analysis, we can effectively deal with the problems that arise at their social life and bring up feasible suggestions. This is of great significance to the psychological guidance and education of college students.


College party culture, Social phobia, Logistic regression model, Log-linear model