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Investigation and Analysis of Social Anxiety of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.307


Zheyu Yang, Jinshan Guo, Ziyi Xu

Corresponding Author

Zheyu Yang


The psychological health problems of college students have received widespread attention, among which the interpersonal problems have become the main problems that plague them. In order to explore which factor or factors play the key role in social anxiety, this study used a social anxiety scale, a self-evaluation scale and a trust test scale to conduct questionnaire surveys of college students. Using self-evaluation, trust test as an independent variable and social anxiety as the dependent variables, we conduct factor analysis to study the causes of social anxiety, and finally build structural equation model to test the results of factor analysis. At the same time, in order to determine the impact of differences of personality on social anxiety, we carried out significant T tests from multiple perspectives, such as gender, grade and major. Eventually we found that self-evaluation is an important cause of social anxiety and the degree of trust in others affects social anxiety by affecting self-evaluation.


Social anxiety, factor analysis, SEM, Significance T test