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Study on the Transmission of Opioids based on Time-series model: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia as a Case Study

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.304


Jin Yuan, Yitong Yuan

Corresponding Author

Jin Yuan


Opioid abuse has become one of the most severe and fastest-growing drug problems in the United States in recent years. Many people believe that regulators approve opioids based on their medical use and ignore their addiction. This paper analyzes the stability of drug use diffusion by constructing a time series model and analyzes the spread and characteristics of synthetic opioids and heroin incidents reported between five states and their counties over time. Using the tableau software to convert the five county coordinates into actual locations on the map, determine where the opioids are first used in each state. It analyzes the correlation between various factors and opioid abuse, and judges the main factors affecting the trend of opioid use.


Time-Series model, Opioids, Transmission, Python