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Research on the Construction of the Old Age Institutions in Shanxi Province Based on PPP Model

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.303


Qi Li, Yitong Yuan, Jin Yuan

Corresponding Author

Qi Li


With the growing problem of population aging, Shanxi Province is facing increasing pressure from old-age care services, and the existing “public” and “private” modes of pension institutions are difficult to meet the market’s demand for aged care services. Based on the relevant theories of PPP mode and the specific situation of the old age care service industry in Shanxi Province, this paper conducts SWOT analysis on the feasibility of applying PPP mode to the construction of old age care institutions in Shanxi Province, and concludes that it is feasible and necessary to establish a PPP project for pension institutions in Shanxi Province. Finally, based on the actual situation, it put forward feasible suggestions.


Old age institutions, Shanxi Province, PPP model, SWOT analysis