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A Study on the Strategies of Psychological Quality Training of Higher Vocational College Students in Active Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.295


Liping Zhang, Pijuan Gong, Liu Hua, Peng Cong, Xiaomin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Liping Zhang


With the popularization of Vocational education, higher vocational colleges have become an important part of higher education. At present, many higher vocational students will encounter psychological problems in school. If they cannot be solved smoothly, it will have a negative impact on their study and employment, and then affect social stability. In order to help higher vocational students to do a good job of psychological counseling, and actively face learning and life, the author combs the psychological state of students according to the principles of educational psychology, analyses the causes of their psychological problems, and puts forward targeted solutions, hoping to improve the psychological quality of higher vocational students to a certain extent.


Higher vocational students, active learning, psychological quality