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Ways and Practice of Cultivating College Students' Sound Personality

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.293


Zhang Yunling

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yunling


At present, training objectives of colleges and universities for college students pay more attention to the all-round development of students, learning ability is important, but excellent personality is more important, which is the basis of entering the social survival. According to the social evaluation of graduates, generally speaking, the personality of college students in our country can be affirmed and meet the needs of society. However, because the college students'mind is not mature enough, and with the deepening of social openness, college students are very vulnerable to adverse environment erosion, affecting the sound development of personality, which also puts forward higher requirements for colleges and universities. By summarizing the existing problems of college students' personality, the author analyses the ways to cultivate their sound personality and promotes their comprehensive quality to be improved in an all-round way.


College students, sound personality, ways, practice