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Applied Research on English Listening Based on Mobile Streaming Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.290


Li’na Zhao, Jian Ai

Corresponding Author

Li’na Zhao


English listening learning through on-demand system and based on mobile streaming media technology in this paper refers to an open learning learning mode and better enriches English listening learning. Design and analysis of listening through streaming media technology is elaborated in the paper from three perspectives: firstly, system structure that is comprised of integrated service platform, exchange router network and user terminal is designed; secondly, the function of design system contains the foreground demand and background management subsystems; thirdly, design on-demand process chart manifests the complete handling process and explains each module. The critical technical problems about software development are solved in the paper. The developed media player features conciseness, smoothness and high image quality. Meanwhile, multi-media digital English listening learning pathways are expanded. Thus, more efficient learning platform is provided for English listening learners.


Streaming media technology, English listening, learning on-demand system