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Studio-based Training Model for Applied Talents in the Engineering Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.285


Chuanteng Huang, Feiqiao Xiong, Zhenhuan Ye

Corresponding Author

Chuanteng Huang


The college of Engineering and Technology of Zunyi Normal University has explored and practiced a studio-based applied talents training mode in the engineering majors. Compared with the traditional talent training mode, the studio-based mode has the following characteristics: aiming at the complementarity between extracurricular training and in-class training, jointly supporting the talent training goal of Emerging Engineering construction; by interest-oriented, establishing student teams and promoting student to independent study; improving the students' innovative ability by innovation and entrepreneurship training program of undergraduates and academic competitions; focusing on the applicability and developing the practical application skills of the potential job. This paper clarifies the motivation, content, guarantee mechanism and application effectiveness of the studio-based mode, and summarizes the inspiration of the studio-based mode.


Studios, Training Model, Applied Talents, Engineering Majors