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A Brief Study on the Relation between Jiang Liangfu's Family Origin and Zhaotong's Local Social Transition

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.283


Qiu Yonglei

Corresponding Author

Qiu Yonglei


Mr. Jiang Liangfu is a brilliant star of Chinese culture in the long-standing cultural tide of our country. The reason why Jiang Liangfu became a famous master of Chinese traditional culture in the modern history of our country can not be separated from the edification of family culture and the cultivation of family. But apart from the family, another important reason for Mr. Jiang Liangfu's success is the trend of Zhaotong's social and cultural development. For Jiang Liangfu's family, it is possible to keep up with the development of the times, and thus promote the family's reputation and strength. Therefore, it is no accident that Mr. Jiang Liangfu can become a great nationalian. This paper mainly analyzes the development history of Jiang Liangfu's family and the internal relationship of Zhaotong's local social transformation, and analyzes that Jiang Liangfu can become the main relationship between Chinese scholars and family and local social transformation.


Jiang Liangfu, Master of Chinese Studies, Family Origin, Zhaotong, Social Transformation