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Research on the Philosophical Basis and Practice of the “Detailed, Specific and Down-to-Earth Implementation” of Socialist Core Values——Taking the construction of integrity for example

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.282


Xiaoming Qiao

Corresponding Author

Xiaoming Qiao


It is the fundamental task of the current society to cultivate and carry forward the socialist core values, the vitality of which lies in “detailed, specific and down-to-earth implementation”. The cultivation and development of core values are based on three philosophical judgments: mass viewpoint of materialism, Marxist epistemology and view of truth and the cultural philosophical value of cultivating people with culture. As the soul of the core values, integrity plays the role of a benchmark. The fulfillment of “detailed, specific and down-to-earth implementation” lies in the top-level design, institutional guarantee, starting from the details and learning from and praise the models. As a result, there will be an atmosphere that everyone is willing to participate in cultivating and carrying forward the socialist core values everywhere and at any time.


Socialist Core Value concepts, Philosophy Basis, Vitality, Integrity, Detailed, Specific, Down-to-earth Implementation