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Study on the Modernization of Chinese Fine Arts

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.33


Wenyong Xue

Corresponding Author

Wenyong Xue


The process of movement of modern Chinese art is not the "single stretch" of the modern theme, not in the way of "separate", perhaps with the concept of "sub-field" is more appropriate. Sub-curtain, is the concept of time to connect; sub-field, is the concept of space conversion. Every movement of modern Chinese art, the time between them, the movement of each series is not one by one, its intricate degree is indeed unequal. Perhaps at some point, the occurrence and development of the movement will show a logical connection between the causal relationship, but more often is the phase of the start, at the same time, and common development. This article grasps the movement of the clue, in order to reveal the overall evolution of the cultural paradigm of the alternative relationship.


Chinese Fine Art, Modernization Trend, System Study.