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Defects and Reform of Public Management under Network Public Opinion

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.272


Hongzhen Zhang, Jia Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongzhen Zhang


The emerging media represented by the network has increasingly become an important position of public opinion in today's society. The resulting network public opinion is gradually replacing the traditional way of public opinion. It is novel, open and full of vitality, and plays an increasingly important role in the formation and dissemination of public opinion. In view of the establishment of a good security system, so that everyone can authenticate their names when they express their opinions, so as to ensure the effective supervision of network information. Through the data surveyed by the frequent use of the network, it can be found that the population used by the network is developing younger. Research shows that from the perspective of public management, studying the characteristics of the Internet's public opinion helps us to more fully understand and grasp the laws of online public opinion and better serve government decision-making. Governments and network regulators are required to carry out reforms to avoid the inducement of public opinion and cause social instability.


Network Public Opinion, Public Management, Reform