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Research on Innovative Development of Rural Finance under the Background of Inclusive Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.266


Zhang Jun

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jun


Inclusive finance refers to the provision of effective and comprehensive financial services for all social strata and groups. Providing more financial products and services to all those who need them is intended to solve the problem of financial exclusion. Rural China is the key area of inclusive finance. The perfection of rural financial system and the development level of Inclusive Finance will play a decisive role in the development level of Inclusive Finance in the country or region. However, it is difficult for rural economic entities in China to obtain financing from the formal financial system under the influence of financial exclusion. The marketization and commercialization of China's banking industry have begun to spread to rural financial institutions. The shareholding system reform of rural credit cooperatives has further aggravated the financial exclusion of rural credit cooperatives in rural areas. At present, China's rural financial development has entered a new stage, and inclusive finance has also become a common financial service concept. It is of great practical significance to face up to the problems of rural financial development under the background of inclusive finance and to propose specific innovation strategies.


Inclusive Finance, Rural Finance, Problem Analysis