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Exploration of Employment-oriented Teaching Model for Economic Management Major

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.265


Zhai Xuan

Corresponding Author

Zhai Xuan


Influenced by the traditional education system, there is a prominent problem in Higher Education in China, that is, the teaching mode of colleges and universities does not conform to the market demand and the actual economic and social development. It not only reduces the utilization efficiency of university education resources, but also affects students' employment ability. Employment-oriented talent training mode is an inevitable trend for higher education to adapt to social and economic development. Economic management majors have strong application, practicality and comprehensiveness. More need to build a career-oriented professional teaching model. The paper mainly expounds the characteristics of economic management professional teaching, analyzes the problems existing in many current economic management professional teaching models, and proposes specific solutions


Employment-oriented, Economic Management, Teaching Model, Problem Analysis