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Research on English Advertisement Translation based on Relevance Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.32


Xiao Li

Corresponding Author

Xiao Li


With the progress of society and the development of economy, the increase of international exchange has made the importance of advertising and advertising language translation work further enhanced. In commercial activities, only in line with the audience in the country or region of the language and cultural habits of the slogan translation, in order to accept the majority of advertising audiences accepted. From the perspective of relevance theory, the key to the success of advertising language translation is whether advertising translation can meet the best relevance principle. Based on the basic characteristics of advertising translation, this paper elaborates that the relevance theory can promote the translation of advertisements more directly to the advertising audience and realize the combination of relevance theory and advertisement translation by realizing the best association on the basis of deepening the theory of relevance. - Best relevance. This paper analyzes the influencing factors of advertising language translation from the perspective of relevance theory, and puts forward seven strategies such as literal translation, free translation, transliteration, deletion, imitation, excess and transformation under the guidance of relevance theory. Work to provide more reference and reference.


Relevance Theory, English, Advertisement Translation.