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The Application of Flipping Classroom Teaching Model in the Teaching of Western Economics

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.257


Zhang Hang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Hang


The development of information technology has provided advanced and abundant technical support for teaching in the field of education. In order to improve the quality of personnel training, the teaching reform in Colleges and universities should also conform to the development of the times and make use of information technology to reform teaching activities. Flipping classroom is based on information technology. Teachers provide students with learning resources such as teaching videos, so that students can use learning resources to learn before class. With questions to the classroom, teachers complete the problem-solving, the whole process of students and teachers closely interact, collaborative inquiry. In order to expand students' thinking, students are encouraged to develop self-learning habits and cultivate students' sense of innovation. The article mainly discusses the application of the flip classroom teaching mode in the teaching of Western economics, analyzes the connotation and application value of the flip classroom, and puts forward the specific implementation strategies and precautions of the flip classroom teaching mode.


Flipping Classroom, Western Economics, Classroom Teaching, Information Technology