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Analysis on Teaching Reform of Economic Management Major Based on School-enterprise Cooperation Model

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.256


Chen Li

Corresponding Author

Chen Li


The major of economic management embodies strong practicality, sociality and comprehensiveness. Its main teaching goal is to train compound and applied talents who have certain knowledge of economic management law and can analyze and solve problems related to business management. Therefore, the practical teaching of economic management specialty is very important to achieve the goal of personnel training. School-enterprise cooperation mode is an important channel for practical teaching of Yang specialty. Students lay a solid foundation of knowledge through theoretical study in schools, and then grasp business operation norms and processes through practice in enterprises, and apply theory to practice to improve students' professionalism and comprehensive quality. School-enterprise closing can not only improve students' practical ability, but also improve students' ability to adapt to their positions and lay a good foundation for subsequent work. However, in the actual economic management professional teaching process, there are still some problems in the teaching mode of school-enterprise cooperation. It is necessary to reform it in order to give full play to the advantages of school-enterprise cooperative teaching.


School-enterprise cooperation, Economic management, Teaching reform, Problem analysis