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Research on Importance of Big Country Etiquette for Modern Culture Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.252


Zuoli Wang

Corresponding Author

Zuoli Wang


Big country etiquette is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Under the situation of carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and constructing socialist cultural career with Chinese characteristics, it is required to realize the importance of big country etiquette for modern culture construction, absorb power from big country etiquette for cultural innovative development and cultivate cultural spirit with Chinese characteristics so as to construct a specific modern culture system belonging to Chinese people. In the long-term historical development of China, big country etiquette is a complex part which follows innovative development in different times. The cultural connotation and national spirit manifested by big country etiquette in different times are also different. But, except the different points, the similarity is rooted in Chinese traditional culture, and overall reflects spiritual outlook and life style of Chinese people as well as court culture, politics and economy. In the process of innovative construction of socialism career with Chinese characteristics, actively enhancing effective implementation of big country etiquette in modern culture construction has very important practical significance.


Big country etiquette, Modern culture, Importance