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Studies on Relevant Issues of Modern Risk-oriented Auditing Theory and Practice

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.248


Yu’Na Si

Corresponding Author

Yu’Na Si


After CPA system was launched, separation of the ownership and the right of management was realized and economic responsibility became clearer. The current risk-oriented auditing as an auditing mode has played a certain role of supervision and management. With the constant change in economic environment, CPAs must have thorough understanding of audit work. Despite of the independent operation of auditing work, auditing unit exists as an integral part of society rather than an independent subject. Once separating the auditing unit from the social and economic network, CPAs cannot have an accurate positioning of the auditing unit, nor can they have an adequate understanding of the overall performance. For a comprehensive control of the financial operation, CPAs should consider enterprise operating risks, give full play to a risk-oriented role in auditing work and carry out detailed analysis of enterprise operating risks. This paper will carry out studies on issues related to modern risk-oriented auditing theory and practice.


Modern Risk-oriented, Auditing Theory, Practice, Relevant Issues