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Analysis of the Consciousness and Role Creation of Film and Television Animation

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.30


Ziqian Liang

Corresponding Author

Ziqian Liang


Animation is the movement of the image, is exaggerated deformation of the art, there is a wealth of performance content and a variety of means of expression. Film and television animation as one of the important forms of expression, is beyond the reality of the film, it created a virtual free time and space, giving a new visual experience, has always been a unique artistic charm. In the film and television animation, the role is the core, is a key to the success of animation, embodies the prototype consciousness, and in the design creation to follow a certain law. This paper attempts to find out the common and individuality of animated character creation from the perspective of animation art.


Television Animation, Consciousness, Role Creation.