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A Discussion on Tourism Development Model of Yi People’s Bimo Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.244


Liangwei Luo

Corresponding Author

Liangwei Luo


As an important part of Yi culture, Bimo culture was created and has been passed by Bimo groups in Yi society, with Classics and Events as its carriers. Scholars recognizes it is a potential tourism resource, but they fail to find a suitable develop model for it. This paper deeply analyzes suitable tourism development model of Bimo Culture by using theories of Cultural Character, Psychological Distance and Religious Travel. Our analysis indicates that Bimo culture presents introvert character, and for cultures of this kind their tourism developing potential is limited. Therefore, Bimo culture is not suitable for mass tourism development. As a result, the paper pointed out that Pilgrim travel is a kind of religious travel with worship purpose of holiness and mystery, which is an effective tourism development model for Bimo culture of Yi.


Bimo Culture, Psychological Distance, Cultural Character, Pilgrim Travel