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Study on the Communication Power and Value of Scenic Spots WeChat Public Accounts from the Perspective of Cultural Heritage — Analysis of the Operation of 258 National AAAAA Level Scenic Spots Wechat Public Accounts

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.243


Youzhen Liu

Corresponding Author

Youzhen Liu


Based on the levelification of cultural heritage, the paper analyzes the communication power and valuation of 258 National AAAAA level scenic spots WeChat public accounts through open WCI and valuation. The research results show that cultural heritage scenic spots need to further enhance the importance of public account application and improve its operation. Four key factors for Wechat public account operation are summarized, which provide quantitative analysis methods for scenic area managers and researchers in related fields.


National AAAAA level scenic spot, Cultural heritage, WCI, Wechat public account valuation, Quantitative analysis