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A Study on the Hakka Culture Authenticity Perception in Chengdu Luodai town—From the Perspective of Hakka Residents

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.241


Baojiang Geng

Corresponding Author

Baojiang Geng


Issues of cultural authenticity is one of the hot topics of widespread concern in the tourism anthropology and sociology. However, study of perception of local residents on the authenticity of cultural items is still blank. The paper, taking Chengdu Luodai town as an example, discusses on Hakka residents of Hakka cultural authenticity. Research thinks, cultural authenticity in tourism is a dynamic process of adaptation and adjustment, the Hakka residents basic accreditation Hakka Tourism product of the existing stage, the perception of Hakka cultural authenticity by the distribution of interests, tourism service supply, Hakka culture cognition and other aspects, tourism participation, age and culture degree different large differences in the perception of authenticity.


Hakka culture, Authenticity, Hakka residents, Luodai town