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Cultivation and Application of Singing Thinking in Vocal Music Teaching in Normal Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.235


Chen Jia

Corresponding Author

Chen Jia


Vocal music is a performance that the singer combines emotional rendering with singing skills. His artistry is very strong. As an important part of vocal talent training, the contribution of high school vocal music is particularly significant. The cultivation of singing thinking in the teaching of vocal music in higher normal schools is of great benefit to students' singing skills and artistic comprehension skills, and lays a good foundation for their artistic development and vocal teaching. The paper expounds the status quo of vocal music teaching and the characteristics of singing thinking in the high school, and analyzes the use of singing thinking, and puts forward the optimized path of vocal teaching cultivation in vocal music teaching in higher normal schools.


Vocal music in high school, teaching, singing thinking, training