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Research on Public Management Education Based on SBLE Teaching Method

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.234


San Xiaoqiang, Shang Lihua

Corresponding Author

San Xiaoqiang


SBLE teaching method is the application of computer technology, combining the roles and situations in the teaching process to form a comprehensive simulation method. In the process of application and public management education, this teaching method is popular in Europe and America. The introduction of China is still late. Based on the organization of the decision-making process, a service platform for communication and sharing is established to promote the orderly development in the decision-making process, which will provide better services for training students' thinking innovation ability, decision analysis ability and organization management ability. In public management education, it mainly cultivates students' comprehensive application ability and handles the innovation ability of affairs. Therefore, the implantation of SBLE teaching method can promote the transformation of students' thinking ability, and accelerate the transformation of organizational coordination ability and public decision-making thinking. In view of this, the research is based on public management education. Firstly, it analyzes the theory of SBLE teaching method. By comprehensively comparing the application of foreign SBLE teaching method in public management education, it introduces the enlightenment to public management education in China, and puts forward corresponding teaching suggestions


SBLE teaching method, public management, educational research, computer technology