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Research on the Hybrid Teaching Model of Human Morphology Based on the Concept of "MOOC+Flip Classroom"

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.218


Shi Min

Corresponding Author

Shi Min


Flipping classroom is a new form of education and teaching that sprang up all over the United States in 2011. It subverts the traditional classroom teaching mode and has become one of the hot topics in the innovation and development of educational informatization. The emergence and application of MOOC provides a fulcrum for classroom turnover. The teaching mode of classroom turnover based on MOOC provides a brand-new idea for promoting the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching. The author combines the experience of many years'curriculum reform with the organic integration of MOOC and flipped classroom in the teaching of Human Morphology, and probes into the application effect of the flipped classroom teaching mode based on MOOC in this course, aiming at discussing the new mode conforming to the medical education curriculum and providing theoretical reference for exploring the reform of the teaching mode of applied talents training course.


Human Morphology, Hybrid Teaching Model, MOOC + Flip Classroom