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Project-based Teaching Design of Embedded Courses Based on Flipping Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2019.215


Qunying Chen, Jin Xu

Corresponding Author

Qunying Chen


The transformation and development of ordinary colleges and universities to application-oriented colleges and universities has put forward new requirements for the reform of teaching mode. Embedded course in our college is an important professional basic course. According to the needs of specialty and the current situation of Embedded Course teaching, the course takes "teaching according to talents" as the main line, carries out the reform and research of teaching mode of "flipping classroom" based on curriculum practice projects, puts forward specific implementation plans, clarifies the tasks of teachers and students in the process of teaching activities, and puts forward the flipping course, implementing measures of embedded system teaching mode based on combination of hall and project, to build a practice platform for students, to achieve students' autonomous learning as the main, supplemented by teachers' guidance, to cultivate students' learning initiative and enthusiasm, enhance practical ability, improve students' learning efficiency, thereby improving the teaching effect.


Flipping Classroom, Embedded Course, Project-based, Teaching Design