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The Inheritance of the Hui Nationality Tajiao

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2017.27


Junping Yang

Corresponding Author

Junping Yang


Hui is the Muslim people of Islam from the Tang Dynasty, because the guidance of people's daily entertainment is more barren. With the body cultural characteristics of the "foot" project experienced flourishing and development, now has tended to disappear. Inheritance is imminent, rescue without delay. Choose the form of dance as a carrier of inheritance, to dance ecology theory and anthropological observation method as the support, the use of college classroom teaching attributes will be "foot" of the Hui's body culture phenomenon to the most primitive of the most essential ecological in. To make up for the lack of traditional preservation, protection and inheritance in the process of urbanization, so as to make the folk dance teaching of the Hui ethnic group become the theoretical basis of the important applied scientific research achievements.


Hui Nationality Tajiao, Inheritance, Dance.